Monday - Wednesday - Sunday
Naxos 09:00
Paros (Naousa) 09:30
Delos 13:15
Mykonos 17:00
Paros (Naousa) 18:20
Paros (Naousa) 09:25
Delos (3 hour stay) 10:30
Mykonos (4 hour stay) 13:30
Paros (Naousa) 18:10
Naxos 18:50
The Alexander departs from the port of Naxos or Naousa, Paros. It needs just 45 minutes to drop anchor at its first destination, the “floating” archeological museum of Delos.

With three hours available, you will have plenty of time to discover and admire the archeological ruins of one of the largest and most organised settlements of Ancient Greece.  

After leaving Delos, the next stop is at Mykonos with a stay of four hours. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy and explore the beautiful alleyways of the irresistible Little Venice, the windmills and many other sights.
You can simply use your free time on the island taking pleasure in walks around its many shops or numerous restaurants and coffee shops along the beach.
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