Every Thursday
Naxos 09:30
Paros (Piso Livadi) 10:00
Irakleia 12:15
Koufonisia 17:15
Paros (Piso Livadi) 18:20
Paros (Piso Livadi) 09:55
Irakleia (1.5 hour stay) 10:45
Koufonisia (4.5 hour stay) 12:45
Paros (Piso Livadi) 18:10
Naxos 18:50
Irakleia and Koufonisi provide the perfect escape destinations for enjoying endless fun, swimming and relaxation.

With departures from the port of Naxos or Piso Livadi, Paros, it takes just a short 45 minute trip to reach the picturesque island of Irakleia.  An hour and a half’s stay there allows you enough time in which to explore the little port of St. George.

The next stop is the enchanting Koufonisi where for four and a half hours you’ll have enough time not only to enjoy a walk around its beautiful village but also explore its wonderful sandy beaches plus satisfy yourself with a lovely lunch and perhaps take a cooling dip in the surrounding sea.
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